Trailmeme is a new kind of Web publishing that you can use to create a trail of content on a specific topic that’s interesting to you. You can also read other peoples’ trails and walk them to keep up with any updates they make.

The technology allows you to gather related content from the Web in one place, in an order or sequence that you think helps make sense of it all. Any number of pages can be collected, organized, and annotated in whatever way you think is best. Trails don't need to go in a straight line, either. You can make a whole map of content from different sites, connecting web content in multiple and meaningful ways. Here’s an example trail that doesn’t use a straight line:


When you are done making your trail, you can publish it and people can find it on Trailmeme.com. They can easily read all the pages in the trail in order without ever having to leave the Trailmeme site, or move around between various markers as they wish.

What do you mean by "Blaze", "Publish" and "Walk"?

Blaze: Picking the pages for your trail and connecting them in a manner that you like.

Publish: Making your trail publicly viewable for other people.

Walk: Finding other people’s trails and reading them.

And there's more!

Trailmeme is not the only place where this technology can be used. The Trailmeme for Wordpress plugin allows you to create trails out of posts on your own self-hosted Wordpress blog. This can help you reorganize your blog in a variety of ways, rather than just having reverse-chronological order as the organization.


Coming soon: A browser plugin that puts the navigational properties of trails right at your fingertips and even helps you choose web pages to add to your Trails on Trialmeme with the click of a button! You will also soon to be able to collaborate on specific trails, allowing others to continue blazing and shaping its narrative.